E marketing

E-marketing is a process of planning and executing in a computerized, networked environment, such as the Internet and the World Wide Web, the design, distribution, promotion and pricing of products and services to facilitate exchanges and meet customer demands. Over traditional marketing, it has two separate benefits.

E-marketing offers more comfort and competitive prices for clients and allows companies to lower operating costs.

As e-marketing and shopping enterprises provide customers with market information on their computers or mobile telephones and can purchase products and services without leaving house twenty-four hrs a day and seven days a week (24/7You may display advertisements on the web or by e-mail, receive electronic vouchers, display merchandise photos, match rates and shop with a few mouse traps, save time and cash to shop in individual in a brick and mortar. E-businesses can simultaneously cut the cost of distributors and physical storage and transfer the money on to clients.

Advantages of E-marketing

Some e-marketing benefits are discussed as follows:

  1. Much better than the traditional marketing return on investment because it helps increase sales revenues.
  2. E-marketing means lower costs of marketing campaigns as web Marketing.
  3. Fast results of the campaign because the right customers will be targeted.
  4. Easy web tracking monitoring helps to make e-marketing highly efficient
  5.  E-marketing can be  used to produce viral  content that supports viral marketing

Types of e-marketing

Companies can use the Internet for marketing in various respects. Some e-marketing methods are:

  1. Article marketing
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Video marketing
  4. Email marketing
  5. Blogging
  6. Content marketing

All these and other techniques assist an enterprise or mark to e-market and reach customers via the Internet.